Reasons I love Teaching:
I love to watch children learn and grow. It is important to me that I leave a positive imprint on the minds of young children. I believe in giving them my all to give them the best possible chance to succeed. 

Teaching Experience:
I have worked with all ages of children at AristoCat Children’s Academy. I origionally joined the team in 2013 but then moved away with my family for a short time. I have happily been back with AristoCats since May 8, 2016. 

Things I Like to Do:
Spending time with my family is my favorite pastime. I enjoy coloring anything from simple coloring book pages to complex designs. I enjoy day rides and camping trips with my dirt bike, friends and family. I also love to relax on a long drive in the car.

Favorite Movie:
Step Brothers– Anything with Will Farrell

Something Special About Me:
I am very self motivated. I moved out on my own and graduated high school a year early. I started my family early in life and really enjoy our time together. I am terrified of ducks. I was born on July 23rd.

My Love Language: Words of Affirmation