Reasons I Love Teaching:
I enjoy working with children because I like to watch them grow– physically, mentally and socially. I also love the questions that they ask. Children are so genuine.

Teaching Experience:
I have taught at Snow College Child Care Center and I also helped in a home child care facility. I have also had some experience being a teachers aide in a first grade classroom. I started my journey with AristoCat Children’s Academy on July 6, 2016.

Things I Like to Do:
I really like to travel. I also like doing homemaking projects that consist of sewing and baking. I love to spend time with my family and pets as well.

Favorite Movie:
The Harry Potter Series

Something Special About Me:
I am hard of hearing, because of this I also know sign language. I have a huge extended family. I also enjoy collecting antiques. I was born on January 27th.

My Love Language: Gifting