We offer a wide variety of educationally based childcare programs, for Infants, Toddlers, Early Preschool, Kindergarten Prep, K-3 Education, School Age as well as Summer Camp and Enrichment Programs!

With 2 convenient AristoCat Children’s Academy locations in Kamas and Heber, your child will learn alongside other children, through interesting events, with the right materials, in classrooms designed to develop and foster specific interests.

The result? A child who thinks logically, solves problems, thrives socially, and displays an exceptional strength of character. We prepare students for the next – and every – stage of a productive academic life. The foundation of a lifetime of success is formed here.

In addition, our entire school is designed to ensure that your child’s safety and security remain our top priority. And communication is essential.

We strive to have open communication between parents, students and staff, as a result you can feel comfortable that we are sharing this journey – every step of the way.




At Aristocat Children’s Academy, we believe that children need to feel safe and secure before they can begin to learn. This is why safety and security are among our top priorities for your child. Our Infant Program offers great nurturing and care for your baby-and is individualized to every need.

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Most two-year-olds are filled with energy and curiosity. They are developing quickly and are eager for knowledge and an understanding of the world around them. At AristoCat Children’s Academy, we place a stronger emphasis on childhood development rather than your child’s age, because all children-regardless of age-learn, grow, and develop at their own pace.

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AristoCat Children’s Academy is pleased to offer the hands-on learning our children need with kindergarten-readiness activities based on the best national early-childhood standards. Throughout the year prior to kindergarten, your child will learn to be independent thinkers and doers. Children at this developmental stage require challenges, respond to motivation and crave encouragement.

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Aristocat Children’s Academy, a certified Utah Charter School, is proud to offer K-3 Education through its Heber Center.Through this process, AristoCat Children’s Academy mentors Connections Academy students through a unique partnership.

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After School

At AristoCat Children’s Academy we believe that After-school programs keep kids safe, improve academic performance, promote student well-being, and help communities. Therefore at AristoCat Children’s Academy it is a priority that we offer a superior After School program in a safe and engaging environment.

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Give your child every advantage with our exclusive Enrichment Programs, supplemental educational opportunities that complement our core curriculum. With small class sizes, personalized experiences, and individual attention, your child can quickly gain new skills in

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AristoCat Children’s Academy Summer Camps offer indoor and outdoor activities, plus opportunities for fun, friendships, and exploration! Our programs group children by age and encourage their growing ability to make choices, work with others, and assume responsibilities.

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