After School Program

Our After-School Program Features

  • Regular homework support
  • Daily physical (outdoor and indoor) activities that keep your child active and healthy
  • Regular parent-teacher communication, including updates to keep you informed
  • Emphasis on developing leadership and communication skills
  • A comfortable environment designed to boost your child’s confidence, self-esteem, character, and social skills

At AristoCat Children’s Academy we believe that After-school programs keep kids safe, improve academic performance, promote student well-being, and help communities. Therefore at AristoCat Children’s Academy it is a priority that we offer a superior After School program in a safe and engaging environment.

We work in partnership with each community, school, and family to design the program that meets their specific needs. We offer a homework support club that provides the perfect combination of freedom and structure to ensure every child is inspired and involved every day.

We draw upon the most effective academic enrichment, physical fitness, nutritional and life skill programs to challenge children and make learning fun. Our high quality after school program at AristoCat Children’s Academy provides exceptional learning opportunities for children to explore, learn and succeed.